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 This website is dedicated to promoting education in our division. This is your home away from your home as you find out more about our work.

 This is for the lovers of education and our youths as this focuses on providing a high quality education. This is also addressed to those who would like to find out more about our activity and the services we provide.

   It is hoped that this website will bring us closer together as new challenges and opportunities come to improve our endeavour.

      Avail of our numerous services regarding the operations of our division. We humbly promise that we can and will try to help you in your small efforts and concerns for the development of education in our place.

       Take advantage of our services. I look forward for your support so that we can live in harmony serving Tayabas folks.




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City Schools Division of Tayabas

We are an emerging division where excellence is a habit and allegiance for quality is a pledge.

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